Send Us Your Story

31 03 2007

Feel free to send us any grandparent story that you wish to cherish and we will post it up on its own page. Feel free to send pictures and videos

Why I created this BLOG  I was a little surprised when my 80 year old grandfather asked me to create a website for him. It seemed a little strange to need a website when you he didn’t yet know how to use a computer, never mind surf the net. But I guess you’ve got to know him to understand what he wanted in that simple request which I hope to encompass in this modest website. As most of us know there seems to be an entire society that has been left out of the internet boom, a society that probably has the most to gain by getting connected since its difficult for them to move about and spread their story.  Some of them have parts of history and politics left engraved in their memories as part of their life story.   I personally believe that those stories are precious pieces of uncensored history. What I would like to create is a platform for that society of grandparents, families, senior citizens or any person who want to leave a print of their life experience on the internet as a memory for themselves for their future loved ones.